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yes, it would be great to see how the characters fare after the battle of yavin 4, but his concern for the opinion of his fans is exagerated. no matter what if it's Star Wars, ppl are gonna go see it, no matter how much they complain. the reason the prequel was made was because ppl wanted to kno how vader came to be, the story was basically surrounded around Aniken/vader. also if you watch the new blu-ray DVD he released they did make minor adjustments to the movies, very minor, and only because the tech used to make it is still new. Idk why the old generation complained about the 1-3 prequel. it wasn't really for there generation to build on. George did what he did because he wanted to and showed his fans that there are more questions then answers in the star wars universe. ppl who rant about the original trilogy to stuck on the old traditions like old ppl are. Most feel that "if it isn't broken don't fix it". but i lean more to the other saying:" change or die". and george lucas chose to go in a different direction. I can't be one of those fans who dwell on the original trilogy because i wasn't around to experience it without the secial effects added to it. the prequels is where i started as a fan and it ddnt disappoint