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12.14.2011 , 09:58 PM | #1
for the u.s., i noticed looking at the server status page that you either play on eastern, or pacific time. on pacific time, i noticed that pve servers are substantially higher on the pacific time than on the eastern time. also, can palyers rotate their characters among the servers, depending on traffic volume? if not, why? i think that option makes sense. then you can get more player volume in. i also noticed that there is no mountain time. why is that? should we be palying on servers based on location based on the mississippi river? if so, that would explain the high traffic volume on the west coast vs the east coast. there's a big difference betweeen the east and west coasts in relation to the mississippi by several hundred miles. i think if there were mountain time servers, the traffic would be more even flowed broad based in the continental us. if i'm east of the mississippi, should my server be eastern, and if i'm west, it should be western? what is the best server to go on in relation to where you live?