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I am a female BH
I greenlit the first convo with Mako when she asks how you feel regarding Torian. The subject never came back up again, and then once I got torian's faction into the 6k range (and above Mako's) i finished the arc where we get married very quickly after that - going from mid 6k to 9k within the course of the love arc. After that, i got the quest where he is kidnapped and during the ending Mako was doing most of the talking, and the fawning all over him - as if they were an item, however he and I had already gotten married. I have to admit, i am a bit annoyed that her reactions in that way are part of the concrete dialogue (My husband is also a BH merc, male and we run our storyline quests back to back). You'd think that they would have changed that part up a bit if you are already deep into, or at the end of the love arc with him already.
When I did it, the kidnapper said come save him, unless he isn't marriage material. While my Mako was scared for him, I picked the opitions that delacred he was mine "Nobody touches my man""If they so much as scuff his boots they're dead!". After I rescued him, I chose the flirt opition "I guess I make good bait, huh?""Well, I did always find myself attracted to you". Mako, in response to my flirt towards Torian, said "Woah, save it for the ship you two". She then said she would leave us alone on the way back. I was married to him too, so it's weird, I guess we chose different things?
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