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"It's time for a blood bath." —Arianwin D'yer

The palms of my hands pressed against the smooth surface of the control panel in front of me. I could feel the hum of the ship shift subtly as she shook herself free from her autopilot settings.

Leaning forward, I felt the ship respond to my movements as if her wings and hull were but a simple extension of my body. I marveled at her power. Fury was built with remarkable precision, every nut and bolt painstakingly designed to maximize her agility, range of firepower, and speed.

I still remember the first time I boarded her. Oh! How my heart pounded as my hands skimmed over every surface of her interior, memorizing her form until I knew her body as well as my own. Her curves were a magnificent display of grace and beauty merged with strength and power.

Even now, as we soared through the vast emptiness of space together, her energy tickled the tip of my nose as it so often did, and the angry vibrations that continually hummed in the back of my head softened to a dull roar.

For a moment, I forgot who I was. My awareness left my body behind and flowed into her graceful metallic form. We dipped our wings, dancing among the stars, enjoying this fleeting moment of freedom we so seldom get to experience.

"Incoming transmission from the Imperial Holonet," TV-R8 interrupted. The metallic twang of its voice grated on my nerves.

I pinched the bridge of my nose as the throbbing ache in my head came rushing back in full force. The thrill of power reasserted itself deep inside me. Awareness flowed back into my veins. My ears popped and my hearing cleared as if I had resurfaced from deep underwater.

I was careful to mask the expression of contempt on my face before I waved for TV-R8 to open our communications channel. The Empire waited for no one, least of all for me.

A hologram of Captain Corsav flickered before me. "A nearby transport carrying Imperial military supplies has been intercepted by a fleet of Republic fighters."

"Send me the coordinates," I ordered. The details of this skirmish meant little to me. In my mind, there was only victory, everything else was irrelevant.

TV-R8 handled the rest of the conversation and uploaded the coordinates to the astrogation console. As we approached our destination, my droid hailed our allies.

Without warning, Republic fighters appeared out of nowhere. Bright lights flashed. Chaos erupted.

"Shields up," I shouted. "Let's show those Republic scum what a Sith can do."

Fury eagerly strained against my hands as I veered her sharply to the left. A well-timed missile launch scattered the Republic's attack formation. Two fighters crashed into one another.

An alarm blared from inside the ship, and I braced myself for the hard hit from behind. Fury bucked as I pulled her nose up hard. She soared fast and furious over the attacking fighter in one smooth motion. As soon as I saw our target in front of us, she righted herself.

I squeezed the trigger.

We blew past the remains only to discover a pair of fighters had locked onto the transport just up ahead. With no time to spare, I urged Fury onward even as I sprayed a continuous stream of blaster fire over everything that moved.

Death and destruction rained down on the Republic forces. The bloated body of a Republic officer bounced off Fury's hull with a loud thud. I could feel the vibrational patterns of the galaxy violently recoil against one another as we took the lives of hundreds of soldiers in the span of minutes.

I laughed. Fury purred beneath me.

The fight was over as quickly as it began. The transport reached its destination safely, and we soared away before they could send their thanks.

Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.

Reciting the Sith code so soon after battle fed my blood lust. It felt good, and my fingers stroked the control panel in time to the ancient mantra.

Closing my eyes, I sank back into Fury's waiting embrace.