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"As your right hand, I shall strike fear into the Empire's enemies." —Arianwin D'yer

"This is only the beginning." Darth Baras' undulating voice washed over me. "As my apprentice, the galaxy will bend before you."

I clasped his hand and knelt to receive his blessing. Master, oh master! The obvious pleasure he felt in choosing me to be his right hand thrilled me to no end. I shivered as his fingers stroked my hair. Sparks crackled against my flesh, and I shuddered at the thought of such immense power joining with mine.

His fingers slid down my jaw, wordlessly demanding that I surrender to him. His hand dipped lower until they traced the hollowed contours of my collarbone. I wept with happiness knowing that his touch branded me as his.

Without warning, his energy slammed into mine, overwhelming me with the power of his Force. Something snapped deep inside me, and white-hot pain seared through my side. I welcomed the pain because I knew it pleased him. My body was his to break, my life his to command.

I met his gaze even as my vision grew cloudy. Rage. Passion. Hatred. Ecstasy. Every emotion known to man danced across my consciousness. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. My energy bled into his, filling both our bodies with pure unadulterated ferocity.

Then…nothing. Darth Baras broke away from me, severing our link. Nudging me back onto my feet, he chuckled. "Bravo, Apprentice. I see you may indeed become one of the strongest Sith in the galaxy."

Baras dismissed me with a wave of his hand. I stumbled out of his chambers, knowing without a doubt that the imprint of his vile touch would always mark me as his. The subtle hum of his presence inside my mind would haunt me forever.

It was a small sacrifice, I reminded myself, in the greater scheme of things.

My lips curled upward. Master, oh master! Your inevitable destruction will be the catalyst that will forever change the fate of this world.