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Thanks for the tips, my Commando is still only lvl 29, so I would have us for it while lvl and to give to compaions, I don't think I will have the time or energi to do high end pve stuff :P But will I have any use of it in end game at all (gess I would do most Pvp and some flashpoints and so in end game)? or would I just make a bad decision? :O

End game is mostly your dailies, HM Fp, NMM fp, Ops, World boss's, Space combat, Pvp, and playing alts if none of that interests you. So if you like alts and going to make another trooper/smuggler you can change if you wish to gear them up and companions, it gets more worth it.

I would read slaigns reverse engineer thread though to see if you want to really get involved with the current craziness of REing to get better items. Its a huge money time sink and can get fustrating especially when you have RE'd something 100+ times for that one T2 item u want and keep getting "you already know this schematic" (saying you have learned one already and its not the one you want but the game keeps it on the RNG so u learn it over and over.) With 80 or so schems, each of them RE into 3 other types, and those 3 into 5 others for a total of 15, Its fustrating lol..

Theres no good answer just how u want to play
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