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12.14.2011 , 09:25 PM | #1
We all know the blanket terms of strength, aim, endurance, cunning, etc. I am now able to craft a buff that increases Alacrity. This brings up questions about the fine details of the Combat system. I'm requesting that if possible, a Dev might give me the numbers of the combat system. What each stat and sub-stat is and the % values they give to the character.

It would answer many questions such as, "Do armor values have diminishing returns when they are stacked so far?", "What about other stats? Is there a cut off point for them as well?". "Is it true that a Commando might benefit from Cunning as their heals are tech based?"

Hope I get a map of the system so I can start crunching numbers and make the most of my characters and the crafting systems. Thanks!
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