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It is amusing how sub 50s and non-snipers come in and tell other people to l2p.

Anyway, I will try to make it short. Good threads are in the sniper forum for those who are really interested.

1. Marksman
Their attacks have to go through EVERY defense available before damage is calculated, that is, if it hits at all and doesn't get e.g. deflected. Other rdps classes do not have this problem like sorcs or BHs (BHs only with very few attacks)

Hitting a heavy armour target or even a tank is a bad joke.

And bear in mind: the better the gear, the higher the armour rating, the worse marksman gets. Great game design

2. Lethality
A healer can kill with 1 dispel, which is baseline, the 31 point talent, the tier 3 and 4 talent of that tree making the dps output laughable. Note: the dispel has even a shorter cd

3. Cover
The only good thing about cover is that you cannot be charged and, if entrenched, makes you immune vs cc (however, this can easily be avoided). Too bad that portable cover only protects against a handful of standard attack which you hardly ever see in pvp and natural cover is hard to find. And that's the class' frikkin MAIN mechanic

There is even more but I said I keep it short.

Summa summarum: the class is not broken. However, the class is in really deep water if you compare it to sorcs or mercs. Why? Simply because these classes do not have restrictions the sniper class has and can do everything a sniper can (even do better dps on heavy armour targets) while providing even better utility like healing.
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