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gun slinger and sniper, need something im just not sure what.

sith sorcerer and mercenary and their counterparts, can do everything a sniper can do dps wise, with out the mobility issue, and they have the option to heal.. how is that fair.

I love the cover system but lets be real its more of a draw back in pvp than it is a benefit. snipers and gun slinger are the only unique never before seen in mmo history class this game has. They need love.

Im not sure what can be done. perhaps give their aimed shot a range of 40 dare i say 45 or more cc/ debuffs.

can any one defend these classes as not being gimped in pvp?
does any one see alot of them in the level 50 bracket?
does any one have any suggestions to fix them?

No, we do not shine in PvP. But we are capable.

I would suggest this thread for Gunslinger PvP strats.
Unlike most classes, we actually require a different strategy for every single class - hope it helps
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