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Tactical Problems

If you are fighting enemies in the right level range, purchasing all your abilities, gearing up yourself and your companion, spending your skill points, and using the right companion for your role, things should be a lot easier. If you are still having trouble, or you are breezing through normal enemies and quests but certain fights seem impossible, you may not be fighting intelligently and using your comabt abilities effectively. This information should help.

  • Using hotkeys is much more efficient than trying to click abilities in combat.
  • You can 'queue' an ability by activating it less than 0.5 seconds before the end of an active ability.
  • Abilities get stronger as your stats and weapon improve.
  • You should understand how your class' abilities work, and which ones to use to quickly kill weak/standard enemies.
  • Using a complementary companion (or group composition) will make things much easier. Tank/Healer is normally the easiest solo setup.
  • In combat, the goal should be to get a tank to hold threat while the DPSers focus on one enemy at a time, weakest to strongest.
  • Crowd Control (CC) abilities can make hard pulls much easier, by temporarily disabling the tougher enemies while you kill the weaker ones.
  • Use interrupts and stuns to stop enemies from using powerful special attacks.
  • Kiting and LOS can be useful situationally to group up or separate enemies.

Basics of abilities, ability list

Slots and Hotkeys
Quickslots and hotkeying abilities.

Ability Queuing

The ability queue, ability animations.

The Global Cooldown


Ability Details

This section provides general information about ability usage. For details on a particular class' abilities, try the forum for that class or Advanced Class, or a site like .

Types of Abilities

An overview of the different ability types.

Cooldowns and Resources

Ability cooldowns, class resource models.


The basics of the cover system.

Companion Abilities
Further information about Companion abilities.

Ability Scaling
How abilities improve as your stats and level go up.

Abilities and Enemy Types
How abilities interact with different categories of enemies.