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Strategic Problems

By "Strategic" problems, I mean problems stemming from a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about the game's features and mechanics. Contrast with "Tactical" problems, which is basically not being good at combat. (I discuss those later, in the next post.) If you have never played an MMORPG before, you may have overlooked several important aspects of improving and customizing your character, or may not understand how to progress smoothly. The companion system in SW:TOR is also somewhat unique, and it is important to understand how to use it to its full potential.

If you have played other MMORPGs (especially World of Warcraft), you probably know a lot of this already. But there may be some aspects unique to SW:TOR that you did not pick up on.

  • Fighting enemies and doing quests above your level is supposed to be hard. 'Heroic' missions are designed to be done in groups.
  • 'Elite', 'Champion', and 'Boss' enemies are much tougher than others of the same level. 'Champion' and 'Boss' enemies are not designed to be fought alone.
  • Doing side missions and bonus missions will get you LOTS of extra experience and Commendations.
  • If you can't figure out what to do in a mission, look in the log. Also check if you have a 'mission item' (under a special tab in your inventory) that you have to use.
  • To make things easier, specialize as a tank, DPS, or healer, and pick a companion that complements that role.
  • Keep your gear (and your companion's gear!) up to date. Buy blue and orange gear with Commendations and Credits whenever possible. Don't forget to update the mods in your orange gear!
  • Equip gear with the correct stats for your character and your companion.
  • Make sure your companion is in the right stance for the combat role you want them to fill.
Levels and Experience

Basics of leveling up, and how character, enemy, and mission levels work.

Enemy Types

Basics of enemy difficulty types.


The basics of obtaining and completing missions.


Classes, Advanced Classes, and Roles

The basics of character classes, Advanced Classes, and combat roles (tank/dps/heal).

Skill Trees

How to customize your character further with Skills ('talents'/'spec').


The basics of equipment/gear and how to get and upgrade it. If you're wondering WHICH gear to buy and equip, read the next section.



The character statistics in SWTOR, and how to gear your character and companions for maximum performance.


Basic information about Companions and how to use them.