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Hi, First - AWESOME GUIDE!!!

Love the guide! But now I have a litle problem, I thinking of swichting from Biochem to armsmech on my Trooper(Commando), But will it be worth it in the endgame? will I have use of it?

And if I want to play alot of PvP will it be so smart to change from reuseble adreanalins to PvE gear?? Or can you make PvP gear at max skill in armsmech? :O

Hope someone helps me out with my toughts and so... ^^
I can't really give advice on which crew skill is the most useful, only which companions are best at doing certain crew skills.

People say biochem is the best and logically it makes sense. Biochem also is not a terrible choice for troopers bonus-wise. It's not what I'd choose but it's certainly acceptable.