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Alright this idea came to me just a little while ago, so I figured I would give it a shot. Its about my SW and Vette, though it will be majorly focused on that the other crew members will have tid bits of screen time here and there. So without further ado lets go!

Chapter 1: A love gone missing.

It was rather peaceful aboard the fury starship docked on Nar Shadda, which was odd considering that the captain was a sith warrior. Of course this sith warrior was wearing a mask so to speak, his human face playing a role masking his true intentions from other sith lords even the dark council and more importantly the emperor himself. As Zavren laid in his bed, a blue arm came and drapped across his chest before feeling a warm body next to his it was her and as she came into his line of sight staring at him he smiled.

"Have a nice sleep Vette?"Zavren asked as he wrapped his arms around the blue twi'lek who gave a small giggle. "I sure did, especially with you by my side"Vette replied before leaning down and giving a kiss with which the sith lord returned while holding her tight. She was the only one who made him happy, ever since he had met her on korriban he slowly felt himself become at peace and felt happy. He truly became his happiest when he proposed to her and then becoming married, this made Zavren realize that giving yourself to the darkside was like being trapped in a cage with blind rage and hurting those you care about.

Getting out of the bed, the two got dressed and parted ways for the time being to focus on different objectives with Vette heading out having a lead on resources which would gain the crew a considerable amount of money when sold at the market. It was about an hour or so before Zavren got a holo call message, removing himself from his training with Jaesa he went to the holo terminal with the rest of the crew members following. Activating the transmission, it showed Vette though she was in some big trouble with the sounds of blaster fire from both her own and whatever was attacking her.

"Bad news, lead was a fake I need help now! Wait, hey get off! Sto-"the transmission was cut off as Zavren tried to re-establish contact with her. "Vette? Vette are you there?!"Zavren asked as he was met with no response, he felt his heart sink and he stayed silent for a moment before he turned and headed towards the airlock. "My lord I know this might sound bad, but we do have other more important matters to att-Quinn was cut off as he grabbed his throat and was lifted into the air as Zavren turned around facing him. "Do not preach to me what is and is not important Quinn, I am going to go get her that is final"Zavren responded before he dropped the imperial officer who gasped for breath and on his knees.

Exiting the airlock and taking the elevator out of the hanger bay, Zavren looked at his datapad finding the coordinates of where Vette's last location was. Getting into a taxi, Zavren arrived at the cantina in the red light district heading into the more private rooms he entered one and by the looks of it he was in the right area seeing as there was blaster scoring on the walls, tables and chairs. Though Vette was nowhere to be seen, instead the sith lord was met with as group of pirates and as the 3 gathered around him he looked at each"there was a twi'lek here earlier...where is she?"Zavren asked who was met with a few laughs from the pirates which was frustrating him.

"Hey now...we don't know anything about no twi'lek here"one of them a Devaronian replied while the other two a cyborg with robot eyes and a mechanical hand, and a trandoshan stood next to him. "Your testing my patience...I won't ask again, where is she!"Zavren asked a little more force ably, drawing his lightsaber and activating it as the blue saber came to life. "Were not telling you anything, get him boys!"the devaronian responded as the three drew their blasters, though within seconds the cyborg was lifted up and thrown into a table, while the trandoshan's blaster was sliced in half before he was slashed across the chest falling down dead.

The devaronian at this point was frightened on how powerful this sith was, and as Zavren stepped forward he stepped back before Zavren pulled him towards his blade and forced him on his knees. "Ok ok i'll tell you, she was taken to Nal'hutta to serve as a dancer to one of the hutt crime bosses, thats all I know I swear now will you let me go?"he asked as he looked up to Zavren who had a cold look on his face. Zavren gripped tightly on his saber, and without a word struck down the defenseless being before clipping his saber back to his belt and turning on his holo communicator. "Quinn prep the ship for takeoff, were heading for Nal'hutta..."Zavren said before turning off his holo to avoid any protest from the imperial officer.

Heading back to the ship, it left Nar Shadda's orbit and went into hyperspace heading towards the hutt homeworld. Zavren sat in the captain's chair, silent and not saying a word though no one dared say anything even without being force sensitive Quinn and Pierce knew something was up. Though Jaesa on the other hand sensed a darkness growing with her master, as if it was pushing away the light within him slowly. The sith lord gripped the hands on the seat"don't worry Vette I am coming, nothing will stop me.."Zavren thought determined to save the one he loved at any cost.

Alright theres Chapter 1 folks, hope ya like it. I know the beginning seems rather lackluster, but it'll get better I promise. Anyway open to reviews, hope everyone likes it.
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