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I'll take reliable over fun any day. PCV is an excellent talent IMO, I wouldnt change it unless that change came out to more frequent heat venting.
PCV is a stellar talent for sure. It's just that it makes Heat management kind of easy, maybe too easy. I'd like if I had to work for that Heat venting a little bit more via ability synergies and chains.

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Definitely agree here, I love the lowered cooldown on quell but the heat cost is rough.
It's unfortunate because 8 Heat ~ 1 Trooper round. I don't know how they could solve the same problem for the Trooper if the Trooper does indeed have the same problem.

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Interesting idea, but I fear that it would cause heat issues. Flamethrower costs 25 heat - normally channeling it over a 3 second duration lets you bleed off most of that heat buildup without having to worry about the cost, but if it were a 1.5 second channel it would lose a lot of efficiency for pve use.

Might work if flame barrage reduced the cost on flamethrower when it procs, that way you could use immolate first and have a no-heat flamethrower cast.
I didn't want to overload Prototype Flame Thrower, but yes I wanted to stick in a Heat reduction proc.

Maybe Flame Barrage could also make the next Flame Thrower free, so you have to choose either Rocket Punch or Flame Thrower to consume the Flame Barrage buff (chances are one is going to be on cooldown anyway so you can just use the other ability).

No need for a cooldown refresh on Rocket Punch if we take this route.

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Agreed, it's a terrible high tier talent. I'd prefer if they changed it so that it worked whenever you vent heat by any means (prototype cylinder ventilation would restore a small amount of health every 6 seconds or so, the vent heat ability would restore a larger amount of health immediately when used, superheated rail would restore some health when it procs, etc.)
Makes sense, especially given how high it is in the tree. I'd prefer if the talent was combined with Power Armor in tier 2 AP (so it becomes a 2 rank talent) so that AP can get a more interesting talent in its place higher in the tree while allowing the other trees to benefit..

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I'm a PvE player, and I use AP for my DPS spec (it's an offspec, normally I'm shieldtech/tank). From that point of view, it seems to me that the largest issues with AP right now are a slight lack of sustained DPS and reliance on procs.

Retractable blade needs a serious damage buff, even if it's only to the DoT effect. All of the tier 5 1 point talents are terrible, and other than the heat venting through PCV, high energy gas cylinder is terrible.
HEGC isn't so bad; 8% flame and bleed damage is quite a boost. I just wish it did a little bit more. The passivity of the cylinder is really boring and doesn't setup any interesting synergies.
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