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I am a female BH
I greenlit the first convo with Mako when she asks how you feel regarding Torian. The subject never came back up again, and then once I got torian's faction into the 6k range (and above Mako's) i finished the arc where we get married very quickly after that - going from mid 6k to 9k within the course of the love arc. After that, i got the quest where he is kidnapped and during the ending Mako was doing most of the talking, and the fawning all over him - as if they were an item, however he and I had already gotten married. I have to admit, i am a bit annoyed that her reactions in that way are part of the concrete dialogue (My husband is also a BH merc, male and we run our storyline quests back to back). You'd think that they would have changed that part up a bit if you are already deep into, or at the end of the love arc with him already.
him getting kidnapped is not actually a companion quest and happens as part of the BH storyline regardless of your affections

i had 0 affection with torian and had never used him or spoken with him aside from the arc where you get him first (which is also bh storyline and forced on you)

i built affection and did the rest of the actual companion quests long after the kidnapping, it looks like you found a bug that yea they probably should have forseen ahead of time


on another note though, a lot of the quests in this game are set in a specific time line of their own and its often possible to jump time lines

for example if you finish your class line you may see events that cant take place until after a planet line has been completed, but if you didnt do the planet line prior the people and places will be out of sync

this also happens with the flash points which have a time line of their own, if you complete say all of the flashpoints before finishing the voss planet story arc, people and places will be out of sync in the timelines

without giving any major spoilers im talkign specifically about the voss ambasador, what he does on voss takes place before what he does in the flashpoints, though its possible to complete them out of order

there are many more examples, its something to keep in mind, if you do things out of order, the story arcs will be out of order and may refer to things that should have happened in a different sequence, its the drawback of creating a game with a story progression that must also be persistent at the same time
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