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01.30.2012 , 03:31 PM | #7
i like you thought my sent seemed under powered when first playing pvp, i didnt do the same dmg as other players, i died so easily as we only have med armor and spec str over end were we get the choice

but as you level and gain some usefull skills you can use together or chain, it becomes a lot easier

i play a focus sent so do massive Aoe dmg and usually have the highest single dmg at the end of the game

it helps to understand what your classes role is and how to play your spec/ skill tree

although the sent is a DPS class, its not a tank and unless your playing watchman you get next to zero healing, there for you need to understand your role in the team ( this can be different from team to team )

if ive got the support of a healer, then ill jump in and take on 2 or 3, dealing massive aoe dmg, taking out my target and taking the surrounding imps down to -50 % , then depending on my hp, ill jump to the next target and continue doing dmg, and so on until my hp is low or i get fried lol

with out a healer, you need to pic your fights, look for the ones running away on 50% hp and jump to finish them off, or solos which i normally end out on top if im at full hp and they dont get any help

the other role i play with out a healer is to jump into a group, ( ideally focusing on my other team members ) pop a chain of skills to buff my sweep and do 3-3.5K dmg to the pack, then quickly pop camo and escape to grab a hp buff or hide and heal.. leaving the damaged imps for my team to pick off

anyway just my thoughts, but the sent isn't a easy DPS class to play, you defo need to think about what your doing..and play to your trees strength's to get results

oh, btw i would say im by no means a great pvp player.. just your average joe