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I'm just passing the time since I didn't submit my preorder code until Dec. 2nd. (hey I was in the hospital!) So as much as I'd like to hpe to get in game before Friday, I don't exopect an invite tomorrow unless I'm very very lucky.

Anyway, there are many things about Star Wars that have either irked, bothered or befuddled me. I'm not talking about stupid midichlorians, or Jar Jar or even littlebaby Anakin. (God, I hated that kid)

There are things that you can love but still find fault in them. Like:

In Episode III, when Luke, Han and the gang are in the Death Star you will see a little black box like thing scooting up and down the hallways. At one point Chewie growls at it and makes it scurry off. What the hell is that thing supposed to be? An automated floor scrubber? OFr some reason it has always bugged me that I don't know what it is or what it was for. (a friend suggested maybe it was a courier, but, really? They don't need couriers, they can just digitally send messages, let alone call on the speaker/communicator microphone, etc) Dang it, what is that thing!?

BTW: Why is there a big trash compacter in the Death Star if they can just dump waste into space? Ok, maybe they smash the stuff up and recycle it. So why is there a monster in there? Well, that monster didn't bother meas much as the giant snake monster in The Empire Strikes Back. You know the big square Cube law breaking one that the Millenium Falcom flew inside on the asteroid? How'd it get there? What does it eat? How could it have possibly evolved there? (I have a problem with improbable cool as I thought Pitch Black was I had the same problems with those monsters.)

Speaking of droids, bots and all, why is C3PO hampered with pretty much useless arms and legs when they can make bionic hands that look and act real?

AT-ATs: Ok, I can't help but tell you that even as a kid seeing the movie in a theater I thought they were dumbest thing the empire could even consider building. Blasters don't work against them? (They actually say that in the movie) Well, they work when you trip them up with a cable. (which happened...the ineffective blasters were able to completely blow them up when they fall). But why build something that can so easily be tripped up. Especially when they have obvious anti gravity technology. ...and of course they must have mastered the wheel or you know, track vehicles. (real reason was to sell Ewoks, but I won't get started on that.....)

Ok, I will....Ewoks beat up imperial troops? Look, just like I like Star Trek but hated Voyager, I like Star Wars and I hated Return of the Jedi, mostly because of the damned Ewoks.

Now I'm not totally serious here, but surely there must those irksome, befuddling or just plain what the hell things others might have thought of.
First off that wasnt Episode III, it was IV. Anyways the small black droid is called a Mouse droid. What it was used for is beyond me. Perhaps wookiepedia knows.

Secondly the space slug was scary. Nuff said'

Thirdly CP30 is gold...very gold.

ATAT's are awesome. But you have to look at what ships are attacking it. A snow speeder was pretty much a scout type ship. It wasnt designed to be used in full scale assults. I'll bet if the Rebs wanted to stand and fight till the end the X-Wings would've kicked their asses.

Lastly ewoks are stupid. I'm glad there are none in TOR.

Seriously though just dig around on on anything. Usually there is alotta good answer on their.