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I am a female BH
I greenlit the first convo with Mako when she asks how you feel regarding Torian. The subject never came back up again, and then once I got torian's faction into the 6k range (and above Mako's) i finished the arc where we get married very quickly after that - going from mid 6k to 9k within the course of the love arc. After that, i got the quest where he is kidnapped and during the ending Mako was doing most of the talking, and the fawning all over him - as if they were an item, however he and I had already gotten married. I have to admit, i am a bit annoyed that her reactions in that way are part of the concrete dialogue (My husband is also a BH merc, male and we run our storyline quests back to back). You'd think that they would have changed that part up a bit if you are already deep into, or at the end of the love arc with him already.