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01.30.2012 , 02:34 PM | #1
Okay my guildies and I have had issues with the "auto-assigned loot" in Operations.

1.) No matter what "Looting" setting we use it's "auto assigned" which we really have no problem with except it's assigning loot to players who can't use it and it's BOP while thier are players who could actually use the item so we are unable to trade / assign the loot correctly.

2.) we keep comming across Loot chests that have made the assignments but we are unable to pick-up Loot at all having to move on without taking the Loot.

We have sent in numerous tickets with accurate info ( time/date/operation/chest location..etc. ) with the standard "thankyou for your input - it has been directed to the appropriate department for review, unfortunately we won't be able to respond further, Blah Blah Blah " messages you get on just about all tickets so they can be closed.

How many others have had this issue and has anyone heard anything positive about a fix and/or players recieving the lost loot ? Now never recieving the loot is not an issue as much as a "fix" being installed. It's I guess more of game experience thing.

If this has been posted on earlier I appologize for being repedative but with all the stuff in the Forums these days and a pretty un-functional search engine I figured this is the best way to get a response... thx