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63 year old, grandmother, retired teacher (though I still teach a class once or twice a year at the Commuity College). Got a teacher of the year award for my use of video games as a teaching tool in 1999.

Been gaming since Colecovision in the '70s and expect to be gaming for many years to come. Requirement for any assisted living facility that I move into down the road is high speed internet - the food can stink, by grandsons will bring me pizza.

Still raid a few times a week with a guild called "Old Timers" on World of Warcraft. Downed the first boss in regular Dragon Soul last night. No server firsts, but old people still get the job done.

Love SWTOR's fresh face and familiar (much enjoyed) story.

I am playing on Master Zahr Lestin (West Coast), great server, nice people so far, no queues and a fairly healthy economy - but would roll a new character to join an old folks guild. *giggle*

Currently have a friend leveling with me. A 74 year old.

Edit for afterthought: Eventually they will have server transfers, so I'd be happy to roll a new youngling and just move my main (Sage/Healer) over whenever transfers become available.
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