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Has there been a thread about the hundreds (thousands?) of people who pre-registered and then got "Lost"? I got a email on the 13th saying basically.

"There seems to have been a glitch in our database that caused your pre-order entitlements to have reset. I have enabled them again, and you should now be able to see them on your account.

Unfortunately this has caused your date to be reset as well, and due to this I am currently looking into getting your Head Start date bumped up to its previous date."

Is there any ETA as to when this is going to happen or even an explanation as to -why- we got randomly dropped? Was it because we were in the Beta? Everyone I know who was in the "Delayed" wave of Beta testers who got to play on Sat and not Friday also seemed to have been dropped from pre-reg. Of course, depending on how MASSIVE the number of people who got screwed over is that could just be a coincidence.

Should I be planning on some time this week? Next week? A week after launch? Does anyone at the company have any idea what is happening at all? Can I get a general time frame so I know how to plan my weekend?
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