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Hi, First - AWESOME GUIDE!!!

Love the guide! But now I have a litle problem, I thinking of swichting from Biochem to armsmech on my Trooper(Commando), But will it be worth it in the endgame? will I have use of it?

And if I want to play alot of PvP will it be so smart to change from reuseble adreanalins to PvE gear?? Or can you make PvP gear at max skill in armsmech? :O

Hope someone helps me out with my toughts and so... ^^
General feeling is stick with bio-chem for now as Armormech/armstech, seem only good for lvling. The best gear atm comes from pve hardmodes, and upper reaches of pvp gear. I am an armor and love it but i know when i pvp sometimes want those reusables. If you want to do armor just make an alt for it, what i did with bio.
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