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We were doing EV this past weekend and the puzzle fight was much more difficult than it was previously with the update. Even with CCing, with mid to bad luck you will have 4-5 bugs attacking your party by the fourth round and the incoming damage is insane so not sure how you would pull this off with no 2nd tank especially in nightmare mode.
How are people having problems with the puzzle boss?

DPS kite them, them stun them, slow them, taunt kite them with a powertech, assassin, or juggernaut DPS.

i assume you are talking about the aklays because if you are having problems with the 10k life guys that's a DPS "learn to push their buttons" situation

Also the colors are set, just google what direction to turn them. You should know what direction and how many times, before the start of the fight for each row.

Im pretty sure this is the order

Blue, Green, Red, Purple, White, Yellow

so if its on red and you need blue you turn it, twice to the left. If its on white and you need green you turn it 3 times ether direction.