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This is seriously the saddest thing ive ever heard.......

First off, this fight is 110% about INTERUPTING.......not your cooldowns, INTERUPTING..

Ive solo'd this fight on my Sith Assassin and Juggernaut

Its not about having "your bestest companionzorrz!"

Seriously, if you cant beat him, ignore all the fail above...

Find your interupt skills / short term CC's / etc

For juggernaut it i start like this;

Hit him, he starts to cast, Force Push....saber throw, scream OH hes casting, charge, interupted, ravage him, hes casting again!!! force choke, more slashing and hacking, at this point im at about 80% and hes around 30%....

OH KNOES! more casting! Disruption! (notice this is the FIRST time ive used my actual DISRUPT.........hes now around 20-15% by now, lotsa screaming, crushing blow, smash, etc, OH NO HES MAKING A LAST DITCH TO CAST SOME BADDIE STUFF !!!

BACKhanded like a little girl, ravage him, good night, thanks for coming (throughout this fight as a lvl 45 Juggernaut using JAESA (not healing companion) i never even used one of my defensive cooldowns, so to the newb saying its about cooldowns and companions, go L2Play

Id do a run down for the assassin really quick but id have to change chars to remember the proper names for the skills, but this fight really is candy from a baby easy.....

First you are late, in the post just above yours i told i killed him with another player.
Second, I am not Jugg, Marauders dont have a Backhand ability which i am unfamiliar with anyway.
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