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12.14.2011 , 08:30 PM | #16
So all and all I'm still under 1000 bucks to build this and i spent way more then needed:
AMD 955 BE overclocked to over 4ghz
corsair 120g SSD
normal 500g HHD
corsair H100 water cooler
8 gigs of ram
GTS 450 which I've also overclocked.

I run crysis 2 maxed out and dont drop below 30 FPS ever (mostly around 50-60)

Skyrim maxed out but for shadows and around 30 texture and shadow mods running 35-75 FPS.

BF3 all settings on ultra except for the MSAA in which i have to run it on 2x. 35-60FPS.

Computer parts are cheap nowa days and you dont need to spend much to max out games. My rig stared out at $570 and ran crysis 2 maxed out. Now I'd guess its around $950 and its the fastest thing I've ever owned and I've bought pre-made rigs for 3k+. I expect my rig to smash this game as theres no way this is as demanding as BF3.

Id bet you could max out this game on a build it yourself PC for around 450-500.