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No he is in no way a little girl. Anakin/Vader was very poweful, however he never reached his full potential as a Jedi because he was so consumed with himself that he never really got there. In Episode 2 Obi-Wan clearly states "If you spent as much time practicing your saber techniques as you did your wit, you'd rival Master Yoda as a swordsman." The only Jedi that could keep up with Mace Windu (who was the best during that period) were Yoda, Dooku, and I believe Plo Koon. Anakin had a lot of talent and was very strong in the Force, however he lacked the discipline to become as powerful as everyone thought he would be.

As far as the chosen one, I'd say it was Anakin, because he did eventually return to the light and killed the Emporer, but we can't really say for sure.
You're actually right...when he killed the emperor the prophesy was fulfilled stating he would bring balance to the force. I just didn't happen while he was a jedi. But you're on track