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12.14.2011 , 08:17 PM | #1
Just like in the beta, the camera is literally uncontrollable. Even with the camera speed set to 1% it tough to control. At 50% it is laughable...moving my mouse 1cm literally spins the camera 20 times around my character. This is with my mouse (Razer Naga) at the lowest possible DPI.

This was an issue in the beta, but I was hoping it would be fixed by now. This makes the game tough to play...not impossible, but I'd rather go play something else, with this issue.

Video (keep in mind this is with very small movements of the mouse):

EDIT: Second video -- explained on second page: Set my DPI to my normal setting (1800) then moved the mouse about 3" slowly across my mouse pad. This is the result: