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I find the IA story to be very overrated, it has a few interesting twists and two very good chapter endings (1 and 2), but it's nowhere close to what people seem to think. My personal favorite is Jedi Consular though, don't care what people say, I love the mystery aspect of it. BH has some really great companions who make the story much better than it would have been otherwise. Both JK and SW does exactly what you expect, which is both good and bad. SI has an interesting basis, but oh dear that chapter 2 throws everything off the path. Smuggler and Troopers are both kind of....meh in my opinion. Good in theory, but feels more like watching an episode based TV show, nothing really keeps the different planets together.

My personal rating would be:

JC 9/10
SW 8/10
JK 8/10
BH 8/10
SI 7/10
IA 7/10
T 6/10
S 6/10

That said, everyone has a different opinion, and none of them are wrong.
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