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01.30.2012 , 03:32 AM | #1
Get rid of that shameless "Suggestion Box" you burnt out mods use to send threads to die in. Just have the integrity to at least give a bot message and close the thread, instead of moving it to the southern retirement home of thread topics.

It's insulting to even see it, as none from your company read it with any respect. It's disgusting.

You, and all of your ilk, patronize players ad nauseum.

Also, as I've stated in previous comments, please remove my founder title from my character. It's a title for poors and I don't want to be associated with participating in this cash grab. Please let me know when you remove it via mail.

I eagerly await the one billionth forum warning and infraction in my mail box from one of your community college interns esteemed colleagues.

Thanks in advance,