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For Esseles and Black Talon coordinated DPS and paying attention to adds will get you through pretty easily. Healer makes it easy, my recommendation for both is 3 DPS, 1 healer, but 4 DPS is very, very do-able... (As of Beta, I am still not in Launch yet... )
4 'Tanks' could do it too! I put tanks in quotes because at level 12ish, 3 Guardians and whatever the trooper Tank class is are barely considered tanks at those levels.

To the OP: 9-12ish. At 13+, you should be off the station and following your chosen faction's next planet. I think on the Hard setting, it could even be stretched a little higher than 13, but I never really got to play Hard mode since most people were doing other Flashpoints by then.
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