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This is my narrow opinion based on what I recall and not based on actual facts: No particular class will be short handed. Tanks are fun to play, healers are fun to play, and as always, DPS is fun to play.

There were actually a few times where there were no DPS available during Beta. During the beta weekends, even. I was amazed. Two tanks and a healer looking for a DPS. Two Healers and a Tank looking for a DPS. 4 DPS going through, thinking they could beat the flashpoint solo. 4 Tanks going t.... you get the point, I hope.

For the next several months, I highly doubt you will see much in the way of shortcomings when it comes to a particular role. There are multiple classes that can potentially fulfill multiple roles as needed. All I ask from other players is to try a play a class to about level 30 (not level 22, or 25. 28-30). By then, you should really see a solid idea of what each class is capable of (DPS and Healing, Tanking and DPS. AOE DPS and Single Target DPS, etc).
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