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Hello fellow readers, i'm just pointing out some things that have me puzzled about the Star Wars franchise and George Lucas' plans on its future. I've notice that Lucas is making episodes 1-6 for theatres in 3D and that he's still "talking" about a live TV series. In my Opinion, i feel that George Lucas is bleeding Episodes 1-6 and anything between completely dry of creative juices. it would seem he doesn't have any future plans for this great franchise, but i hope that i'm wrong by the end of 2017. I'm ponder what he should do.1. Think about an Epilogue to the 6 episode saga(highly doubt it).2. remake the original Trilogy with updated technology in the movie industry.or 3., make new episodic movies based on the times of the Old Republic. i wish to lean to 3 but i feel he has nothing to offer us as it is no longer "his" franchise but the fans, authors and Developers who has expanded on the Star Wars universe. I hope he thinks of something because honeslty watching the same story over and over means its basically over. I'd like your opinions on the thread and hope many will contribute. Also i wasn't sure if there was already a thread discussing this either so my apologies if there is. and please no Trolling...