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Name: Galatea
Middle Name:
Last Name: Nyx
Sith Name: Aradia
Nickname: Dia [Close Friends Only]

Species/Race: Arkanian Offshoot (Near-Human)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Late in 10 ATC (3633 BBY)
Place of Birth: Arkania
Age: ~20

Height: 1.35 Meters (4' 5")
Weight: 33.57 Kilograms (74 lbs)
Hair Color/Style, Facial Appearance, Eye Color, Body Appearance, Armor/Clothes:
Standing at only 1.35 meters tall, she is considerably short for even an Offshoot Arkanian, thought she carries herself in a manner that make it difficult to realise how petite she actually is. Her hair are a stark white, with no pigmentation at all while the slight hint of colour in her skin betrays Sephi heritage from some distant relative.

Her body is exceptionally symmetrical, although she is quite lean and wiry due to her physical training; her muscles are thin but strong, often making initial impressions of weakness until one actually sees the muscles flex.

While her body is noticeably petite, she is not entirely without feminine shape. Her hips are slightly larger as they lead down into her legs, but not overly so, and though her legs are strong and toned, they are not without their curves. Though her torso reflects the width of her hips, she has slightly smaller breasts than average, adding to her lean and sprite-like appearance.

If one does not look too deeply into her eyes, there is almost a sort of innocence etched into how her heart shaped face is formed. The jaw, though clearly having a squared element to it, becomes soft and rounded right along the edges, trailing down into a more rounded point of a chin. The cheekbones, though high in line, are soft and do not protrude too greatly from the face, unless one is given a sharp view from an off-centered point of view. As with the other elements of her face, the forehead is smooth with rather smooth brows that do not protrude much, though their sharp winged formation it noticeable and accented by her thin brows.

Her actual face seems just a little too large. The eyes are large and wide, their once light green tainted with the amber tones of a Dark Side user, while their creases blending in with the plane leading up to the brow, the lashes framing them are neither thick nor sparse though they are a bit long. They are spaced a bit closely to her nose, and while the nose itself is upon the slimmer side in width, it is raised quite a bit, making it seem large but not hawkish.

Like her other facial features, her lips seem slightly too wide, though this may be due to the fact that the lower lip is much fuller than the upper lip; the actual symmetry leaves the deep corners of her mouth touching about where they should below her eyes.

She wears an ornate circlet-like band that rests above her brow, which she never removed - it may not actually be removable, as it is either extremely tight or it's elements have been physically set into her flesh. At it's center is a disc made of Osmium, engraved with several Sith sigils while a small shard of Hiridiu crystal is set in the disc's center. Another pair of small Hiridiu shards rest on either side of the disc along with two Veda pearls. In equal intervals, Osmium Sith sigils are separated along their Osmium chain by either a single small shard of Ruusan or Luxum crystal, alternating between the two crystal types; even if refined together, the resulting crystals would not be large enough to be used safely in a lightsaber.

Leading away from each side of the central disc are two twisted strands of Osmium, each decorated with the same Sith sigils and Veda pearls. These two strands lead over and down the back of her head to a single intricate braid she wears at all times, at which point they separate and begin to twist independently down the braid, creating a sort of cross pattern over the hair.

Though her skin has remained pale, several Sith tattoos now mark her skin, blazing brilliant reds offset by black lining and accents. Her skin has also taken on a sort of darkened shadow, though it is not a pigmentation mutation, merely a reflection of her affinity to the Dark Side.

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Home Planet: Arkania
Current Residence: Korriban

Allegiance: Penitence, Sith Empire, Revonites
Profession: Synthweaving

Primary Weapon(s): Dual-Phase Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): Synth Crystal Focus
Miscellaneous Item(s): Hiridu Crystal Circlet, Pontite Crystal Implant

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