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01.29.2012 , 03:38 PM | #26
Jedi Knight was boring me . It's super cliche of a story and my companion are even more boring and goodie to shoes. Also there's so many Jedi Knight running around .. I felt just like 'another' running errand in my bathrobe.

Sith Warrior is awesome and will be my main . At least he look like a warrior and my companions are just super awesome.

Bounty Hunter act 2 .. that when i flushed it .. Repeat. Another 'hit list' .. Boring. Being a merc sound fun but you're just in the end another thug

Imperial agent bored me also. The cell terrorist thing get old very quickly. Having to support Kaliro for almost 30 level turned me mad. She's the most annoying companions ever.

Also Yes it's easy to lose immersion when you stack 75 quest and try to do all of them in 1 run . It's easy to lose the track of what you're doing. Yo uend up wondering what they're talking about because you were doing another pack of 15 quest before continuing this one.

So sometime I just do 1 quest at a time so I am completely immersed.
Also sometime it feel like a 'race' . Like everyone is racing everyone . It get on my nerve