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Thought some of you would enjoy this little trick I've been keeping doing in all MMO that does not allow a mouse look toggle feature.

(edit) Been asked by some players to make standalone version of the mouse look toggle:
  • Left ALT only - mouse look
  • Left Win only - mouse look
  • RMB only - mouse look
  • z - mouse look
  • Mouse 4 - mouse look

= Download here =

Just download the above file and run as administrator.
The key mentioned in the name will activate the mouse look toggle.

*** you only need to use one pre-compiled file ***
*** Source included for personal customization ***

Advanced version:
1) Download and install AutoHotkey (It's a Freeware)
2) Copy and parse the following code in a txt file

Alternative version with the same key for activating and deactivating the mouse look (here left alt):

3) Rename the file to an ".ahk" extension
4) For Vista and Windows 7 users
  • Run \AutoHotkey\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe"
  • Select the file you made and compile it to a .exe file
  • Eventually right click on the "Your_script_name_file.exe"
    • Select Properties
    • Click on Compatibility tab
    • Check Run this program as an administrator
    • Eventually check Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

Either before or after launching your game launch your Your_script_name_file.exe.
ALT + Left mouse button will lock your character in mouse look mode
Right mouse button will deactivate the mouse look toggle

Note: You can replace !LButton (==ALT + Left mouse button) in the script with any other key binding of your liking.

I usually use Shift (+) or CTRL (^) with Left mouse button but I'd have then to remap them too as SWTOR has hard coded them to parse item links in chat and so.

Another example to rebind the, for now, hard coded key, like ~, Left windows key or alt tab

^a: replaces CRTL+ A with PageUp in the example
And so on.

Some references: clicky ; modifiers

With the above you can pretty much rebind everything, yes alt-tab too
Note: I said rebind not macro...
[HOW_TO] Mouse look toogle