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01.29.2012 , 02:08 PM | #12
I have had gear drop that no one could use at all. I also solo'ed Esseles to try and get the lightsaber that drops at the end because I like how it looks and it dropped a scattergun.

What I notice more is that whatever class gear the first boss drops, the rest of the bosses drop the same class. I did a run of Taral V with a group of two jedi (one dps one tank) a smuggler and a consular (healer). All bosses except one dropped sage gear, the only exception was an implant for a jedi knight. We than went and ran Maelstrom Prison and the exact samething happened again, all sage gear except two drops (one for a trooper no one could use) and a jedi knight light saber.

A week later we ran a guildmate through Maelstrom Prison and the same sage was with us. Again all sage drops but an ear piece for a jedi. The final boss dropped two pieces of sage gear.

A lot of my guild mates have noticed that it seems a flashpoint picks one classes and drops almost exclusively gear for that class only. I have a feeling this is a bug in the loot tables and should be addressed.