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Quote: Originally Posted by OrionSky View Post
It does not keep the +35 when it goes to purple. I have achieved 2 purples using the Galactic Combat Module. Although I used the redoubt Galactic Combat module, on neither one did it keep the +35 defense.

Galactic Combat Module (green)
+45 Aim
+72 Endurance
+27 Accuracy
+20 Defense

Generals Galactic Combat Module (Superior)
+45 Aim
+72 Endurance
+40 Presence
+27 Accuracy
+60 Defense

Tempest Galactic Combat Module (Superior)
+45 Aim
+72 Endurance
+40 Shield
+27 Accuracy
+40 Critical
+20 Defense

As you can see the +40/+40 was added to the original module and the +35 did not come into play at all. So you can use any of the second tier Galactic Combat Modules and come out with the same (superior) items, since it ignores that +35 stat.

No matter what though, anything you can make is vastly inferior to the Champion PVP ear or the ear you can get for 120 daily tokens.
You are both correct and incorrect.

Yes, the +35 from Redoubt does not stack with the +40 from the Tier 2 prefix. I will change that immediately, and thank you for pointing that out.

There are, however, two points that are wrong.

First, reverse engineering a Critical or Overkill blue earpiece will NEVER give you a schematic for an artifact earpiece with tanking stats (Veracity). There are five schematics tied to Overkill, five tied to Critical and, currently, four tied to Redoubt.

The Tempest version you mentioned was RE'd from a Critical Prefix, rather than from a Redoubt prefix. That, or you experienced a rare bug. The reverse engineering sticky on this forum goes into greater detail on this subject.

If you want a Veracity tanking earpiece, you need to reverse engineer Redoubt earpieces.

Second, the earpieces you can make via Cybertech are far superior to the Champion PVP or Tionese earpieces for PVE. I would venture that they are also nearly equal to Columni crafted earpieces, especially in the case of Tanking earpieces, which are definitely superior. I'd have to double check to see if Rakata earpieces pull ahead of the Veracity crafted tanking earpieces.

There are several reasons for this.

In the case of tanking earpieces, it's simple. There is FAR more mitigation offered by the crafted Veracity Earpiece. Since tanks aren't generally in danger of being killed in one or even two hits, mitigation is far more important than the relatively minor increase in endurance. A Veracity tanking earpiece offers 40 shield and 60 Defense. With an Augment slot, you gain another potential 28 from a defensive stat of your choice. This is FAR better than any of the non-Rakata alternatives.

As for the other roles, the first reason the crafted gear is better is because you can get augments on crafted gear that you can't get on operation drops or PVP gear.

The second reason is that Expertise takes up a significant amount of "stat value" of a PVP earpiece, and expertise is absolutely worthless in PVE.

Here are some numbers from my own gear:

PVP Champion earpiece for BH Merc:

77 Aim
70 Endurance
46 Expertise (useless in PVE)
48 Accuracy
41 Critical

My Crafted Earpiece:

78 Aim (+1 over PVP)
59 Endurance (-11 from PVP, but does not affect my damage)
29 Accuracy (-19 from PVP)
69 Critical (+28 over PVP)
40 Surge (+40 over PVP)
Augment (+28 Aim over PVP)

Thus I gain 29 Aim, 28 Crit and 40 Surge, while losing 11 Endurance and 19 Accuracy.

The math looks pretty simple to me. Even without the augment, I would take the crafted earpiece over the PVP earpiece for PVE every time.

Once again, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate anything that helps this guide to grow