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18 assault offers rather nice energy gain from when you are ccd and a 2% extra defence from stealth scan.
So I tried PCS for several dozen matches. I was really hoping it would provide meaningful Ammo regeneration, but it didn't in practice.

Why not? If you consider 3 of the 4 CC categories for PCS that generate Ammo, they are conditions in which you can't do anything, so you are already not consuming Ammo and instead passively regenerating it.

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Not to mention a strong synergy between shield and assault when it comes to HIB procs.
Not getting your point here. What is the synergy specifically?

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Im considering going Supercommando instead of tech, especially since I can see my shield proccing alot, and I just feel that it does help quite much.
Stacking passive mitigation > Shield, because Shield only procs when all of the following are true:
1. the attack is Melee or Ranged, not Force or Tech
2. the attack was not Defense'd
3. the attack was not a Crit. Keep in mind that Crit Chance can push Shield Chance off the table

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But above all, I definately feel that whatever spec you do, unless you want full assault, I definately recomend 23 in Shield. Storm alone makes you able to play a completely different game.
21 in Shield is where you get Storm, not 23.

It's why Carolina Parakeet stops at 21.

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Personally Im using embraced armor for 16% more armor, since armor is maybe the biggest factor in damage mitigation in this game. 16% additional armor adds up to quite some more damage mitigation.
The Armor buff provides a single-digit increase in mitigation against 2 of the 4 damage types.

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Honestly though I have not checked if those 2 points maybe are more worth spending into 2% damage reduction vs all.
Try stacking both mitigation talents, the increase in survivability rocks.

Remember, the more mitigation you have, the more valuable mitigation becomes. And the talents and tank stance give flat mitigation, not a mitigation stat affected by DR.
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