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I dont know Taugrim.
18 assault offers rather nice energy gain from when you are ccd and a 2% extra defence from stealth scan.
Not to mention a strong synergy between shield and assault when it comes to HIB procs.

Im 23/0/18 myself and the damage I can pull is rather amazing for generally being a tank.

Im considering going Supercommando instead of tech, especially since I can see my shield proccing alot, and I just feel that it does help quite much.
Yes, vs sith inqs its close to useless, but given the amount of melee classes played, Marauders, assasins etc, and on these so many of their attacks is absorbed by my shield.

If and when they will make the setbonuses mods, so you can move them around. Then I feel supercommando with 15% stockstrike crits would be top of the pops.

But above all, I definately feel that whatever spec you do, unless you want full assault, I definately recomend 23 in Shield. Storm alone makes you able to play a completely different game.
Personally Im using embraced armor for 16% more armor, since armor is maybe the biggest factor in damage mitigation in this game. 16% additional armor adds up to quite some more damage mitigation. Honestly though I have not checked if those 2 points maybe are more worth spending into 2% damage reduction vs all.

I feel that the vanguards true strenght lies in being able to be a heavy tank and still do damage.

As of many of you, I too played Warhammer. I quit before rr80 back in the days, at a steady rr79 with my Chosen. As a side note, its probably the most fun class ive played in any MMO. A tad over the top before some nerfs hit it though.

Vanguard can become a powerhouse dps with the assault tree and thats what I like the most with this class. The versatility, going from a hard nut to crach to a dps machine that places mercs in shame if played correctly.

On another note. With the super commando set you can go straight into the hardest Hardmode flashpoint as you have the gear it takes:-)

Always a pleasure to read what you write mr T.