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12.13.2011 , 09:30 AM | #1
I preordered the game and just received my early invite email - unfortunately I'm at work and cannot try it until I get home. My question is .... I preordered from Amazon and I'm traveling out of town for the holidays and won't have computer axcess (other than my smart phone) and I won't even be home when my game arrives .... Can I still use the early invite and create my Character? Will my character get deleted if I'm not there on the 20th to put my game code in? Or should I wait to log on and create a character when I get back home? I have a friend pet/house sitting for me but they only know how to read the news and shop online - haha - which doesn't help with this dilemma. I played SWG since it's launch so I hope this new game will be as much fun! Can I go online now or should I wait? Thx for any advice!