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01.28.2012 , 02:53 PM | #25
(pvp) I think Bounty hunters are too op, Mercenary just shoots some rockets at you and after 4 seconds they have taken down half of your health then they heal them selves and they got good survival. Powertech their op too their defences are so great and they can draw the enemy ball handler back in hutball, + their damage is good, very good but not good as mercs but very good. They beat sorcerers easy!.. too easy.... and thats so dumb... my powertech level 11 its 12 now but at 11 it had all the starting gear and i went to a pvp warzone match and made 200k+ dmg... in voidstar and became 1st then i go with my sorcerer level 16 made 80k dmg In voidstart. Then my 25 level assasin (another server... ) made 120k dmg in a voidstar match, I think bountyhunters are just so *********** overpowered -__-