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Can you tank PvE content with this build, though? And I know that Absorption isn't really useful in PvP as the shield doesn't really work with a whole lot of damage types, but is it any useful in PvE?

Basically, I don't want to have to respec every time I switch from PvP to PvE just to replace a few talents. So, is this a versatile spec in that regard in your experience?
I just hit 50 about 2 weeks ago, so my focus has been trying out various PVP specs. I'm going to start building out a PVE tanking set.

EDIT (2012/01/29): FWIW, I tanked my first SWTOR instance tonight, Hard-Mode Directive 7, and the spec held up fine even with only 3 pieces of "tanking" gear from PVP: Champion legs and weapon and Centurion shield offhand.

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Edit: one more question. What's the most effective way to use that smoke bomb? 60 second for -20% for 18 seconds doesn't really seem all that important looking at it on paper.
Exactly how I stated in the video. Use it to debuff IA/Smuggler and Sith Warrior / Jedi Knight opponents.

I've debated dropping the debuff to put the 2nd point in Shield Cycler. TBD.
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