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I don't remember having any options to flirt with hunter at all on my female agent. I went full light side while I was playing her and got the ending to defect which is cool because after everything the empire did to her, I hope I can bring them down from the inside.
Most of the flirt options that I remember are during Act 3, and they were in pretty much every conversation I had with Hunter at that point. My agent was also full light side. They had a great love/ hate thing going. Oh how I wished I could've joined the conspirators, and flown off with Hunter instead of killing her. *QQs forever*

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Wait, Hunter was a woman? Is that only in certan paths, or did I somehow miss a universal reveal?

I'm going to have to roll another IA.

Yes, it's universal, so you must have missed it. It's revealed after you defeat Hunter, in that convo you have right before she dies. There might be a conversation option that skips the reveal, though? Perhaps the DS option misses it?