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Great guide!

Not sure if it's been mentioned by other posters, but there's another couple of great tricks; one for grapple hook classes, and one for stealth classes.

If the enemy ball handler is going across the ramps, you can jump off (so that you would land in the pit) and harpoon the handler in mid air. This will hoist the handler out into thin air, and drop them into the pit.

With a stealthy partner, you can bypass the ramps altogether. You alluded to this with the addition of the Juggernaught intercede trick, but this is a little different. First, the stealthed player hides on the opposing goal line. The ball handler ignores the ramps (or tricks enemies into climbing onto it) and instead runs through the pit - dodging fire traps, precarious platforms and all sorts of concentrated dps.

When the stealthed player sees the ball approaching, he moves to the lip of the pit, decloaks, and the ball is passed to him. Result? The majority of enemies are trapped in the pit, and the ball is transferred to a full health (and fully cooldown'd) player just yards from the line.