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12.14.2011 , 06:30 PM | #5
See the Dev Tracker for a running commentary on this issue. But here's the answer in a nutshell. There are x2 DIFFERENT codes. Yes, no one really makes it very clear.

There is Code #1, which is the emailed Pre-Registration code. This makes you elligable to being invited to early entry into TOR and it registers your Pre-Order. When you first sign up, you'll input this code to your account. While it shows up under your Pre-Order area on My Account, it doesn't activate the Registration box on the main My Account screen.

Then there is Code #2, which is the Product Registration code. This code is found within your hard copy box that you order. Or if you ordered through the Origins system, this 2nd code will be mailed on the 16th to you. To finish your account process, you'll need to input this 2nd code on the My Account screen once you have it in your possession.

To get invited into the whole Early Entry program, you just need to have your account flagged with Code #1. You've probably already done this by now. Then you have to wait for Bioware to email you a special invitation for Early Entry. Once you receive that email, you'll know that Bioware has flagged your account for playable access. Yet to continue playing as of the official launch day on Tues 12/20 (and afterwards), you'll need to add Code #2 to your My Account page (in addition to your billing information).