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Can a sith marauder wear helmets or heavy armor??
What are the reasons people play pvp?
Should I wait till I'm a high level to try pvp?
How do I send my companions on crew missions? I heard you can send them to go find certain things.
No, sith do not wear helmets like you would think. They wear masks and whatnot, but yes the marauder wears heavy armor while the Inquisitor wears light armor.

People PvP for a lot of reasons. Try it and you will have your reason if you continue to PvP.

You should PvP when you level 10. Especially at launch. Shouldn't be any level 50s out there yet. Even so, you are boosted to about 80% effectiveness compared to a level 50 in the battlegrounds. Do it, love it, or hate it, there is no try.

Complicated. When you get your companion, and after you choose your crew skills, open the crew skills window and all will be revealed.
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