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I'm a little confused by this. The OP specifically says that weapon damage is not included in force or tech abilities, but many of these abilities have an AmountModifierPercent. When I include weapon damage with the ability, the damage seems too high in comparison to the tooltip or my other abilities, but when I don't include the weapon, the damage seems too low. Is it possible that this modifier applies to something else for force and tech abilities?
Well, as I showed in my post the skill Ion Pulse specifically has a weapon damage modifier in it's attributes, wheras the skill Assault Plastique does not list a weapon damage modifier. Which leads me to believe that some Tech/Force skills do use weapon damage to modify the total damage, and some don't.

However, from my calculations on Ion Pulse they seem fairly accurate as far as damage range is concerned if I completely leave out the weapon damage addition. My calculations show damage range to be 740-867 before talents with my equipment, and my talents add an additional 4% damage bonus to elemental attacks. I regularly see Ion pulse doing something like 800-900 damage in game. So the calculation seems fairly accurate.