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Been getting the itch to at least pick up some expanded universe or uber-specific setting materials from one of the established RPG settings (WEG, WoC etc.), not so much because I have a definite plan to ever run a game (who knows), but because I might some day, I always appreciate a well done setting book and I could always cannibalize some aspects for another homebrew setting.

I have immediately realized that I have no idea which source books are considered by both player and cannon aficionados as being high quality, in-depth, well written, produced etc. So, I ask anyone who catches this thread before it plummets off the page to give me feedback.

Out of Print isn't necessarily a concern for me, as I can check drivethrurpg to see if they're selling PDFs (not my preference, but I could make do) or try and snag a copy off of eBay. Also, though I'm open to new rule sets, I'd probably run a BRP conversion or something like that anyway, so the crunchy bits don't matter all that much to me.

Any old school tabeltop, PnP RPGers have any advice?
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