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I've never had issue finding a group much for the planets until the 30s. Balmorra has the most heroics on Rep side it's crazy. Many Heroic 4s and 2+ as said, don't need 4 to be done. I find most ppl are at least 2+ levels above the heroic that helps. I did all the Nar Shadaa bonus heroic ones with 3 ppl pretty easily, we had a few wipes and no healer even.

It really depends on your server and side pop AND time of day and planet. I know my prime playing time during the week isn't always when my server is at it's highest pop (evening, west coast).

But making heroics just 2 and solo - it's a MMORPG, the only group content shouldn't be just FPs. I've met a lot of cool ppl on heroics even if it took longer than I'd have liked to do them.

Joining a guild helps too, but not always obviously for Heroics unless they're the daily ones at 50.
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