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01.27.2012 , 10:00 AM | #13
My experience has been there is some truth to the feeling that getting parties for heroics seems to get tougher as you progress. First two or three planets it was easy to find people to get all of them done. But since I think I've ended up abandoning 2-3 a planet now. I think the issue has a bit to do with population. If you started at launch everyone was basically on the same page and advancing at the same pace. Planet populations were in the low hundreds or a lttle less than a hundred. Now I typically see 50-60. I think it's just because people are working at different paces You got your hard core folks that got to 50 as fast as they could and then other like me that actually have real lives and full time jobs and mess around with other toons, etc. There just aren't as many people where you are progression wise.